Andor's Trail v0.8.9

0.8.9  Bugfix + translations

  • One or two skeletons for "Stoutford's old castle" could have been out of reach.
  • Some minor map fixes
  • Translations  (Chinese is 100% again!)

0.8.8  Sutdover River

  • New quest "Wanted Men"
  • New quest "A Wicked Witch"
  • Fix: Even if you help neither Prim nor BWM you can now start the "Lights in the dark" quest.


  • Exchange of a deprecated java library 
  • Translation updates, Indonesian is complete

  • The new Ratdom area with 3 quests and 139 new maps
  • (including two bugfixes for v0.8.5 and v0.8.6)


  • Export/Import: The worldmap, which consists of many small png files, is handled now as a zip file


  • New quest "The Dead are Walking" with 38 new maps
  • Export/Import function for savegames


  • Fix of a lost traveler in certain conditions
  • Support of older mobiles again


  • New city Sullengard
  • 71 new maps and 6 new quests
  • Monster kill count
  • Controller support
  • Translations updated
  • Engine changes to support actual Android Studio


  • Fix of unloadable savegames in certain conditions


  • New quest 'Delivery'
  • Fix of Killed-by-Kamelio bug, postman bug and typos
  • Translations updated (Chinese 99%)


  • Fix of a notification crash bug
  • Fix of missing scout and of a non disappearing Ortholion and Ehrenfest in certain conditions
  • Various small changes and bug fixes
  • Translations updated


  • Two new quests: "Climbing up is forbidden"  south east of Prim "You're the postman"  near home
  • 24 new maps
  • Turkish translation available
  • Changed savegame location due to Google requirements

Not only for any PERMADEATH characters it would be a good idea to save before updating.

Translation only update - the following languages have been updated:

  • čeština (43%)
  • Deutsch (81%)
  • Español (100%)
  • Française (93%)
  • Italiano (100%)
  • Magyar (35%)
  • Polski (81%)
  • Português (90%)
  • Português Brasil (95%)
  • Русский язык (100%)
  • 日本人 (100%)
  • 中文 (34%)

v0.7.13 Content:

  • 4 new quests beginning in Fallhaven or south of it 1) Delicious soup (Start at Alaun in a house in South Fallhaven) 2) Fungi panic (Start in a new map southeast of Fallhaven) 3) A raid for a cookbook (Start at ... - no, you'll see :mrgreen:) 4) A giant snake (Start at Fallhaven tavern, later in the game)
  • Achievements Technically listed as a quest, but the achievements are completely independent single steps, which are given as a reward for special things. (Talk to Mikhail) There are very few achievements yet, but more will be added in the next releases.
  • 29 new maps
  • Many other smaller changes like Thoronir now gives feedback about the shadow faction score Changed the rewards for Fair Play (give more XP for the correct answer) Added more steps to the Andor quest Leading from Loneford to Brimhaven and the destruction of the dam Missing entries for Stoutford


  • Fixed rounding issues regarding skills and also a fix for gold quantity
  • Made proceedToPhrase non recursive to allow longer chains of dialogues
  • Damage modifier when dual wielding now depends on the dual wield skill
  • Increased API level to 29 so we can update AT after November 2020
  • Prevent stray taps from closing the loot dialog box after combat
  • Queststeps in the quest log are now sorted in chronological order
  • Show item drops, XP gains, and item consumption in the Combat Log
  • jasptravis/travis
  • Updated virtual dpad graphic
  • Updated inventory filters and sorting: "jewelry" is now separate from "armor"; "consumable" is split into "potion" and "food"; sorting by "type" now splits equippable items based on equipment slot
  • Various small changes and bug fixes
  • Translations updated
  • Three other languages available: Japanese, Czech and Chinese

 0.7.12 This release focuses on making the game easier especially at the beginning. Therefore we have some changes in Crossglen: You will get additional equipment at the beginning, as well as more gold and experience in the first quests. You now have to grind less to level up. We enhanced Leta's "Missing husband" quest (Crossglen), and created some new quests:

  • "Perception is not reality" (Snake cave)
  • "A cat and mouse game" (Brimhaven church)
  • "A Strange Looking Dagger" (Brimhaven).
  • "Where is Norry?" (Blackwater mountains)

There is a new weapon class "Polearm weapons" for e.g. spears. Also polearm weapons have their own fighting style (at Charwood, same as other skills). And 4 new maps (2x BWM, 2x Brimhaven) Other content changes:

  • In rare cases one marble could not be found
  • The slippery shore in the Arulir cave
  • Some missing Graveyard monsters spawn now
  • Loneford quest dialogue with Gandoren and Minarra
  • Thieves guild bed
  • Chaos reaper a bit buffed
  • and minor bugs, changes and typos.

At last some changes to the game engine:

  • When dpad is active (both visible and not minimized), normal touch-based movement is prevented. #19
  • Small fix to the factionscoreequals requirement from jasp.


The big, entertaining city east of Loneford, full of new adventures, can now be visited! 37 new maps and 7 quests are waiting to be discovered by you. The huge old basilisk - first quest of Gonk, who has enriched our team with his valuable contributions and programming for over a year now. You might find one new extraordinary item by rare drop. Burhczyd appears again - his problems in last release have been fixed. Other minor bugs have been fixed too, and the translations are actualized. Thanks to all the translators for their hard work!

Remember Bonemeal is illegal - now there are consequences for its possession...

Finally a warning: For PERMADEATH it would be good to save before updating. Just to be sure...

Quests and places: You can now complete either 73 or 74 quests, depending on what you did with the sheep, and visit either 549 or 551 places, depending on what you did with the thieves.


  • Weapon Rebalancing
  • Rebalancing of level 1 to 5 rewards
  • A new skill, "The way of the monk" and some equipment
  • Sorting of quest logs by time
  • Fixes for monster difficulty
  • Better explanation for permissions
  • Conversation will not close when you click outside of dialogues
  • Fix toast crashes (e.g. after fights)
  • Fix listener crashes
  • Fix Mapchange crashes
  • Fix minor bugs and typos
  • Translations updated


- On entering the Arulir area the game crashed for some players - Fixed a similar crash at Arulir's swimming lessons - In Ukrainian language a crash occurred on viewing certain skills - We also fixed the crash on language change on older phones - Typos - Takeover of the latest translations

- For a better overview you can now reduce the view to 75% or 50% - A certain person has found another, rather unfrequented tavern - Congratulations to the Russian translators: The translation is 100% complete!

Finally a warning: For PERMADEATH it would be good to save before updating. Just to be sure...


New things in version 0.7.8 We have some additional maps in a new area far away from home. A couple new maps together with a quest can be found in the mountains east of Prim. For another quest, look for a young, eager man in some tavern. And for you completionists out there: There is a new map in Stoutford Castle and another in the BWM mine.

Engine Enhancements For new characters you can choose one of the new hardcore modes: There are no additional saves allowed (no save/reload tactics). Limited lives: If your hero dies once too often, game over.  If you choose the permadeath mode, you only get one life! We promise, you will play in a different style... Up to now, languages have been limited to English or your local language, as determined by your device settings. Now you can choose between different languages that are translated to a significant extent: 93% German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish 81% Portuguese 85% Portuguese Brazil 59% French 45% Hungarian

Bug Fixes Localization handling on screen turn. AP reset after fight. Corrected display of negative values for ranges.


As is now usual, quickly after the new content release that was v0.7.6, here comes the how-did-we-miss-this-lets-fix-it bug fix release. There's only typos and translation-related fixes, as well as the removal of the "read logs" permission which isn't used in the release version anyway.


Content Three quests with well known thieves. Five new maps.

Translations Completion rate > 20%: 100% Belarusian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish 99% German 87% Portuguese 84% Portuguese Brazil 65% Basque 64% French 48% Hungarian 20% Czech 20% Turkish All new content will be available for translation in Weblate within a few weeks of a new release.

Code Chance in requirements.

Etc. Several typos and grammar corrected.


There was a nasty bug in v0.7.4 that systematically crashed everytime you moved forward after being shown the "special exit" in Guynmart.

- Content translations restored for Polish, Arabic, and Brazilian Portuguese. - A workaround for a weird crash when using the Taunt skill. - A workaround for failure to save the first time you start the game.

v0.7.4 Translations - Russian & Belarusian 100% - German and Italian >99% - Polish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese >70% - Basque and French >50% Code - Fixed causes of most occuring "Force Close" a.k.a. crashes. - Fixed worldmap bug on towwn names for non-latin scripts (like Cyrillic) - Fixed reporting of skills' effects on combat (Cleave, Fracture...). - Fixed disappearing red X on worldmap in Remgard. - Fixed movement animation sometimes missing after map change Content - Fixed minor visual issues on many maps. - Fixed a few quest bugs and typos - Fixed issue with Feygard bridge guard on some old saves. - Three new places to visit. - Avoid monster stunning by "Robe of the Sublimate" v0.7.3 Code - Fixed lack of permission request to write on external storage v0.7.2 Content - Two new cities: Stoutford and Guynmart castle - Many new maps, and many reworked maps in existing areas - New quests in new and existing areas Code - New game engine capabilities for content scripting - New UI, with three themes to choose from. - Smooth movement and scrolling in-game - Worldmap can be zoomed out a lot more - Filtering and sorting in Skills and Inventory views - Bug fixes, and Android 9 compatibility.


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